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Going back with a better perspective

We won't deny that, long before our what-ifs were what they are, we were among the many who did not see the agricultural industry's potential. We used to be among those who dismissed the effort of our farmers. It is undeniably unarguable that we will do anything possible to avoid falling into farming. BUT THIS WAS DUE TO THE FACT THAT WE WERE CLOUDED BY OUR WHAT IFS!

Most of them were simply unlucky in terms of support, technology, and funding.

Growing up in a province, getting the opportunity to plant rice, harvest rice, and even rebuild a foot-wide farm road are just a few of the reasons why most of us choose to leave our homeland in search of a better pasture. We left for a better future because we saw what our lives would be like if we stayed in farming like our parents or ancestors. We left without even comprehending their anguish, as a result of which we lacked knowledge and were unaware of the cause of their tribulations.

We were able to see why most farmers can't break free from the rat-race-cycle of life after being young professionals and getting a better understanding of what's going on. We have seen the full potential of the agricultural industry in the country as we have become more interested in farming. Most of them were simply unlucky in terms of support, technology, and funding.

We have met unrecognized individuals as a result of our commitment to farming. We witnessed several previously unseen events. Never-before-heard stories were felt and witnessed as well as heard. As a result of our expansion, we've come to the conclusion that if the community supports rather than exploits our local growers, farmers will not become trapped, but will instead improve their income, efficiency, and lives. /MA


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