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World-class Mindanao Cacao

Located in the southernmost tip of Mindanao, Sarangani is known as "The Land of Beauty". Maitum, being one of its seven towns, stands proud for its captivating exquisiteness. Nature has become one of it - the native products known in the locality has served as the municipality's backbone. As the agribusiness evolves in the town, farmers strive to produce globally-competitive products.

Diomrie Farm, as handled by a local cacao famer who held his dreams to prosper and create the rich, aromatic and pure tablea chocolates, uplifts the spirit of local farmers by creating a network that links farmers and experts. Dedicated to producing high-quality chocolates, Diomrie Farm maintains a stringent selection of high-quality cacao. Indeed, a significant contribution to the farm to table movement.


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