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UF Vanilla Farm creates partnership with local coffee shop in Maitum to create own coffee identity

Supporting small businesses not only benefits the local economy, but it also gives you greater value for your money. Local businesses frequently have unique and high-quality products that you won't find in larger chain stores. Furthermore, by supporting local businesses, they are able to stay in business and continue to give jobs and services to the community, which helps everyone. Spending your money locally can so assist not just you, but also the entire community's growth and flourishing.

#supportlocal is about promoting not only locally created products, but also quality that exceeds customer expectations. Ensuring that the items you advertise are of the highest possible quality not only demonstrates your dedication to supporting local businesses, but it also fosters client loyalty and encourages repeat business. Prioritizing customer pleasure by constantly delivering high-quality products and customer service that show your brand's values and dedication to local companies is critical. You may not only assist local companies but also build a good reputation for your brand in the community by doing so.

EXCLUSIVITY ✨, because we want to create a stable identity that started from locality of Maitum. As the Sarangani coffee industry is emerging, we are wanting to create identity for Maitum coffee - UF Vanilla Farm

Try our AUTHENTIC VANILLA SYRUP as we test the waters in collaboration with Malaya Brew - Maitum. This collaboration launched their Vanilla series. As we create identity, this product is currently exclusive to Malaya Brew Maitum.

Kape Maitum 💚 Urban Farms PH

Our very own blend of Kape Maitum ☕️ (Cold brew + UF Vanilla Farm’s Vanilla Syrup) : Robusta coffee by Upo Valley Farmers Association

& our Authentic Vanilla Syrup


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