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  • Ingredients List
    100% Pure Organic Cacao. No Sugar. No Sweetener. No Extenders. No Preservatives. From the farming practice up to the chocolate-making process, this product is totally CHEMICAL-FREE.
  • Dietary Restrictions
    Diabetic-friendly? = YES (No sugar, No sweetener, bitter chocolate) Vegan-friendly? =YES (No milk/dairy) Keto-friendly? =YES (Somewhat surprisingly, chocolate can be part of a ketogenic diet. However, it is important to choose dark chocolate that contains a minimum of 70% cacao solids, preferably more. This is 100% cacao, and is bitter. You may add low-calorie sweeteners to enjoy a sweeter hot chocolate drink.) Gluten-free? =YES Organic? =YES, and is made from 100% Premium Mindanao Cacao only.
  • Storage & Expiry
    No need to refrigerate. You may store your chocolates in the pantry. Be sure to keep it away from direct sunlight and direct sources of heat. The Unsweetened Dark Chocolate contains NO DAIRY/ NO MILK, therefore it has a longer shelf life. We issue a Best Before date of 24 months from the production of the chocolates.
  • Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
    Dark chocolate po (65-100% Cacao) is rich in antioxidants and flavanols and is proven by many studies. 🍫 Rich in Antioxidants that can prevent and slow down cell damage, therefore napipigilan ang pagdevelop ng mga sakit tulad ng diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 🍫 Rich in Flavanols which help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain and heart, prevent blood clots, and fight cell damage. But of course kahit anong sobra po is bad for our health, kaya we advise to consume in MODERATION pa rin po.
  • Is the Unsweetened Chocolate in powder/liquid form?
    No, these are in chocolate nuggets form.
  • Is this tableya chocolate?
    By nature, YES, this is a special premium Tableya (tsokolate) chocolate which is made from made of roasted, ground nibs of lightly-fermented pure cacao nibs without added ingredients and additives - processed to a superfine-textured chocolate and can be used for baking and desserts aside from making a hot chocolate drink and champorado. ​
  • Can I directly eat the Unsweetened Chocolate?
    Yes, BUT IT IS BITTER. The Premium Unsweetened Chocolate is specially made as a ready-to-eat chocolate without sugar. Some diabetic consumers eat and enjoy the bitterness, but for those who cannot tolerate the bitterness, this is ideal for use in hot chocolate drinks, champorado, baking and other desserts.
  • How many pieces of Unsweetened Chocolate are in a 250-gram bottle?
    A jar contains 250g of Unsweetened Dark Chocolate (not including the bottle's weight). That is about 32-38 pcs. depending on the chocolate nuggets' assorted shapes and sizes.
  • How many pieces of Unsweetened Chocolate for 1 (one) cup of hot chocolate drink?
    Usual ratio for a hot chocolate drink is 1 nugget per 1 cup of water. Depending on your desired taste, you can use up to 2 nuggets per cup, especially if the nuggets are small.
  • Do I need to boil or cook this for a cup of hot chocolate drink?
    Yes, boiling the chocolate is better as it brings out the flavor of the cacao at its best. However, if you are on the rush, you may also use it instantly by putting it in a freshly boiled cup of water or in your very hot cup of coffee. The chocolate easily melts!
  • Is this fermented cacao or unfermented?
    Our chocolates are made from LIGHTLY-FERMENTED organic cacao beans. IN TERMS OF TASTE, fermented cacao is better than unfermented cacao. IN TERMS OF NUTRITIONAL QUALITY, unfermented cacao is better than fermented cacao. Fermentation reduces the natural phytic acid in the cacao beans. Phytic acid is the protective substance found in nuts, beans and seeds. This substance prevents the human body from absorbing the minerals found in the cacao beans. Unfermented cacao, on the other hand, retains the anti-oxidant flavanoids of the cacao which are eliminated during fermenting. For us to offer a highly-nutritious dark chocolate with a great taste, LIGHT FERMENTATION does the job.
  • Is it creamy if melted or gritty (grainy, sandy)?
    Our Premium Unsweetened Chocolate is made with super fine texture and has a high export quality. It is purely organic and made with 100% cacao, with MINIMUM REMNANTS as proof of its purity. It is therefore rich, creamy and aromatic when you make a hot chocolate.
  • Is this available in kilogram pouches?
    NO. The Unsweetened Chocolate is only available in 250g per bottle for retail purposes. For use in coffeeshops and bakeries, you may send your inquiry at
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